It’s really hard to get motivated to cook every day, am I right? It can be dull, boring and monotonous. If you have a family and cook three meals a day each month that’s around 90 meals a month. Wow! Multiply that by 12 months and you have over 1,000 meals a year. Think about that for a minute: one thousand. Eegads. If you don’t like to cook that’s going to be a real struggle.

Now, I like to cook, but I gotta admit some days it’s a dreaded chore. This is why I seek out motivation to inspire myself in the kitchen. Here’s my latest idea…

I recently attended a motivational speech on jogging. Yep, jogging. I’m not a runner, but I signed up for a running clinic to prep for a 10K run in April. (Wish me luck!)

What he said I thought could be applied to cooking. Here’s what I mean. The speaker urged us to capture the positive gains, or ‘Wins’…and this part is key…in the moment when we run…or in our case, when we cook. What ‘Wins’ do we score when we cook our own food? If these Wins outperform the alternative of not cooking, then we have a chance of succeeding. The key here is being aware of the Wins in the moment when we’re actually cooking.

So, here are my wins:

1. I know my stomach won’t be hungry and I’ll have energy to run.

2. I know that when I cook dinner I will sit down at the table and connect with my family. It’s always nicer than staring at some kind of screen.

3. I know I’ll have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. That’s always a positive.

4. I know I won’t be eating crappy processed food.

Now…in my mind these ‘Wins,’ in the moment are positive and vastly outweigh the alternative, which is ordering in, watching YouTube or aimlessly scrolling on my phone. Plus I’ll skip the after guilt and shame from eating not-so-healthy food.

Again, the key, of course, is to think in the moment, not long term. To zero in on the positives in the moment. Simple, right? Yup, and worth a try.

So, now it’s your turn. Write down your positives on a piece of paper. Even better…post it prominently somewhere in the kitchen where it can’t hide. Then, when you’re frustrated and don’t feel like cooking, look back on your ‘Wins’ and it may just be the motivation you need to cook.

Other ways to motivate yourself to cook:

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